Current Projects

I am trying to expand the content on this site now that the design has been in place for almost six months and I am still happy with it. I added the desktop wallpaper section, but this time around it's a little more streamlined. I'm trying to take old wallpapers done in Paint Shop Pro and convert the concept into Photoshop. I would also like to start writing again but I'm not sure of the format yet.


I set up an Apache web server on my Linux box but I enjoy using TopStyle and other Windows tools too much to move all of my development work to Linux. The solution was to take the plunge and install Apache on my Windows XP machine. They say it is just test code and that's great because all I'm doing is testing. It was easy to set up and I even installed PHP and MySQL with only a few minor bugs to work out. I can now do everything I was stuggling to accomplish with two computers all on one machine.

Tomcat (Jakarta Project)

I want to learn JSP, JavaBeans, Servelets, and all the other wacky stuff in hopes of eventually doing some J2EE work. This is a bit more long term and job-oriented than the other projects listed here.